Gourmet Apple Butter, 10 oz

Adams Apple Co.

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Adam's Apple Company has the most delectable gourmet fruit butters that "taste like memories." They are a treat worth sharing with teachers, hosts, neighbors, friends, and family.

We love them on toast, English muffins or hot biscuits but the fun doesn't stop there! 

  • Mix into French toast or pancake batter
  • Add to maple syrup and heat
  • Mix with white wine, honey and Dijon mustard for a pork or chicken glaze
  • Stir into cottage cheese or yogurt
  • Blend into softened cream cheese or butter
  • Blend into oatmeal or grits
  • Use it in smoothies or with vanilla ice cream for flavored milkshakes
  • Dip sweet potato fries, cookies or gingersnaps
  • Use the cranberry butter with baked brie and pecans
  • Make a gourmet peanut butter & jam sandwich
  • Try it as a grilled white cheddar cheese & gourmet jam sandwich