Dreamsicle Face Mask Refresher Spray


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Remember that orange push-up ice cream from when you were a kid? You can almost hear the ice cream truck song and taste that cold, creamy, orange flavor when you take a good whiff of this on your mask. Spray your reusable cloth face mask with this alcohol-based spray for a quick refresher between machine washings. 

I love these refresher sprays by Mixologie!  They are strong when first applied due to the alcohol content so be sure to wait at least 2 minutes before putting your mask back on. Small enough to throw in a bag for use throughout the day and to share with others. Also perfect for kids sports gear like helmets which are difficult to wash but can retain odors!

Ingredients: Ethyl alcohol, glycerin, deionized water, fragrance. All Natural Fragrance

65% Alcohol Content. Not intended to be used as a sanitizer or as a replacement for machine washing.