Key Lime Mojito Face Mask Refresher Spray


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Ahhhh....such a refreshing scent - bursting with notes of fresh key lime, vanilla whipped cream, and a graham cracker crust.  Spray your reusable cloth face mask with this alcohol-based spray for a quick refresher between machine washings. 

I love these refresher sprays by Mixologie!  They are strong when first applied due to the alcohol content so be sure to wait at least 2 minutes before putting your mask back on. Small enough to throw in a bag for use throughout the day and to share with others.

They are also perfect for kids sports gear like helmets which are difficult to wash but can retain odors. 

Ingredients: Ethyl alcohol, glycerin, deionized water, fragrance. All Natural Fragrance

65% Alcohol Content. Not intended to be used as a sanitizer or as a replacement for machine washing.