Soothing Dry Face Mask Collection

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Our masks are made with simple ingredients. Just add water and relax for 15 minutes while your skin soaks up some love!

The Soothing Dry Face Mask collection helps to calm tired & aggravated skin. Mild exfoliants slough off dead skin and absorb excess oil while hydrating components work to reduce redness. Safe for acne-prone skin when used once per week.

2x Cucumber Mint Masks

2x Rose Milk Masks

2x Oatmeal Masks

6x compressed facial towels

1x silicone bowl

1x silicone mask applicator

Allergen Warning: Contains tree nuts (Coconut Milk Powder) that was processed in a facility shared by tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, soy, egg, and wheat products. Contains honey powder. Contains Aloin, a natural form of latex. Patch test recommended for those with a latex allergy. Contains dairy (yogurt powder).